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Let’s reimagine a better life for every child Beyond COVID-19. From first steps to first job. Our world looks different today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is unknown. All we have is today – Let us Begin.

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Every child deserves an opportunity to be happy, educated, healthy, and safe. It’s easy to forget about the most vulnerable in our society, our children, especially those from under-resourced communities. UVIWE’s Leave No Child Behind Campaign is about ensuring that these kids are not forgotton, or left unnoticed – during and beyond the pandemic.


Our world looks different today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is unknown.

All we have is today.


UVIWE’s four community centres create safe spaces for at-risk children to learn & grow. The centres provides a child friendly space, away from the violence in the street and households. Within a safe environment the children feel heard and their experiences are shared. Children who talk about abuse, exploitation or neglect are referred to our social worker for immediate follow up and referral if needed.


Many children come from households living below the food poverty line. Nutrition support and health risk assessments are critical from the child’s early development years. Our programmes ensure access to nutritional food, as well as health assessments at ECD. A healthy young person also include guiding teens and youth to make healthy choices about their lifestyle, physical development and sexual development and activities. Open dialogue our youth is important to build a healthy and resilient young adult.


From first step to first job. UVIWE implements the cradle to career development model. We therefore focus on integrated, holistic development of each child. We adapt the young person’s education pathway as we know that every child’s journey s unique.


Siya Phambili – We are moving forward.

Young people who dropped out of school, fell pregnant at a young age, or failed at school are often “forgotten” and left behind. They do not have a relevant qualification, school certificate or a strong “I-CAN” mind-set to make them succeed at life. UVIWE’s youth empowerment project, Siya Phambili, identifies young people that has the potential, but no opportunity to prepare themselves to succeed at further education or keeping their first job. This programme takes a young person on a life journey of self-discovery, including personal growth & building resilience. Computer skills, business & financial knowledge and an entrepreneurial mind-set are some of the topics covered during the 6 month training and mentorship programme. The outcome for every young person is to obtain a skill, “I-CAN” mind-set and to be linked with further education or a first job that they can be successful in.



In the community of Schauderville you notice children being exposed to neglect, unemployment, drugs and gang violence. Children are impacted negatively, but they are not forced to abide by gang rules, just because of their address. In Gelvandale/Helenvale most girls and boys are forced into situations they do not have control over. Girls are raped for being in another gang’s territory

Twinkle, a young girl, who was at first mistaken as a boy, attended the Holiday Club in September 2019. Her hair was cut very short, due to lice. Her general appearance was unclean and she showed visible signs of severe neglect.

Twinkle seldom spoke and mostly observed the other children playing, laughing and enjoying the holiday club. She was extremely withdrawn and shy. She could easily be #forgotten, as she went by unnoticed. She would also be an easy and vulnerable target for abuse or sexual exploitation.

As time went by two of our youth facilitators made special effort to notice Twinkle and slowly but surely they won her trust. She was still very shy, but she allowed the facilitators to wash her hair, clean her and dress her up.

We gave her some new clothes and underwear and she was referred for additional psycho-social support services.

Since September 2019 Twinkle has gone from strength to strength.

She’s attending programmes again after Covd-19 Lockdown levels have been lifted and is making use of every opportunity to grow & learn.

A girl such as Twinkle is likely to be left unnoticed. If it is not for a safe space, life changing programmes and caring mentors, she could still be seen as the “boy” in the corner. We will be supporting and travelling Twinkle’s pathway to education and employment. #Leave No Child Behind – From First Steps to First Job.


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COVID-19 Action Plan

The story of protecting vulnerable children during & beyond COVID-19.

Relief, Restore, and Renew.

ECD – Early Childhood Development

The story of an equal start at life.

Our Early Childhood Development programmes focus on stimulation, nutrition and safety. Pre-school kids attend the ECD programme daily, from Monday – Friday.

Boys & Girls Clubs

The story of being safe, healthy & educated.

The Boys & Girls Clubs offer a holistic “club” experience for vulnerable children between the ages 8-12 years. Numbers are kept small, due to Covid-19 regulations, but the children enjoy the opportunity to learn & grow together. Of all the activities they are involved, they have indicated that the sense of being “connected” is the most important.

Youth Empowerment Project

The story of Youth Are Heard.

UVIWE’s Empowerment Project takes unemployed youth on an exciting journey of self-discovery, learning skills in computers, business, and basic entrepreneurial thinking. They are prepared to successfully enroll and complete accredited skills training to set them on a specific employment path.

UVIWE’s Facebook Group YouthAreHeard creates a safe space for youth to talk about Covid-19, their challenges, fears. Together we try and re-imagine life beyond Covid-19

Remote Helpline Support

The story of understanding stress, anxiety, and tiredness. This remote support line was established specifically to remain connected to teens, youth, and caregivers during COVID-19.

UVIWE’s Facebook Group YouthAreHeard creates a safe space for youth to talk about Covid-19, their challenges, fears. Together we try and re-imagine life beyond COVID-19.

Food Relief

The story of Sustainable Food Relief.

A Food Garden was started at one of UVIWE’s ECD centres during COVID-19 lockdown to encourage families to also start with their own vegetable gardens.

Tech Hub

The story of Connecting children and youth with opportunity.